Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

A number of UK centres have set up Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) groups to assist them in their research into preterm birth. If you need advice on how to set up your own group please get in touch with the group coordinators below. Furthermore if you have a PPI group already established at your centre and want to be included on this page please email (ptbnetwork@&&&

Harris- Wellbeing Preterm Birth Centre PPI Group, Liverpool

We have a group of approximately 20 parents who have been involved in preterm birth at Liverpool Women's Hospital and kindly give guidance with our research. The group meets approximately three times a year, normally on a Saturday, and lunch and child care are provided. New members are always welcome, please contact our centre administrator Tracey Ricketts


St Thomas’ Preterm Birth Studies PPI Group, London

Approximately 35 women and partners are currently registered as members of our Preterm Birth Studies PPI group.  We hold meetings twice a year, where new and ongoing projects are discussed, and members give their valuable opinions and advice.  Members also provide advice between meetings, as requested, by email or telephone.  Some PPI group members also play more specific roles as trial management committee members.  For more details, please contact: or

Imperial Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic PPI Group,  London

We currently have 15 mums/dads in our group which we started following a BRC-PPI grant. Our members have had pregnancies complicated by preterm birth in the past or are mums who have previously attended our surveillance clinic. We currently have meetings three times a year held normally on friday lunchtimes. Projects that our group has provided assistance with include a patient information brochure, clinic website and review of grant applications. Contact details for the group and


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