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We are a clinical network of UK preterm birth prevention clinics.


The purpose of the network is to link UK preterm birth prevention clinics and facilitate communication between specialists in this field.  A survey conducted through this network identified a wide variety in current UK practice. This network aims to faciliate discussion between clinicians to improve clinical care.

Provision and practice of specialist preterm labour clinics: a UK survey of practice.
Survey of UK practice of specialist preterm labour clinics in the UK that illustrates a wide variety in current practice, published in BJOG 2014
Sharp and Alfirevic 2014.pdf
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Current members of the clinical network include: 

Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic Lead Clinician Preterm Birth Team New Patients Seen/Yr Referral Criteria Gestation of First Assessment Contact Email
Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Professor Shennan


Natasha Hezelgrave

Ellie Watson

Alex Ridout

Lisa Story

Raghad Al-Mufti



Debbie Finucane

Jenny Carter 

Category 1:

-2 or more preterm births or late miscarriage or 1 with failed cerclage

- Previous preterm birth or late miscarriage following full dilatation caesarean section


Category 2:

- History of cervical insufficiency

- Previous preterm birth <37/40

- Previous late miscarriage (>14 weeks’)

- History of major cervical surgery (i.e. >10mm removed, more than one procedure, cone biopsy, general anaesthetic)

- Short cervix this pregnancy (<25mm)


Category 3:

- Previous premature ruptured membranes <37/40

- History of cervical surgery not fulfilling above criteria (e.g. LLETZ, coagulation)

- Uterine abnormality (e.g. bicornuate uterus)

- Multiple pregnancy


Category 4:

-Other risk factors (e.g. in-utero exposure to Diethylstilbestrol (DES), collagen disorders etc.)

Category 1:

-As soon as possible


Category 2: 

-As soon as possible after nuchal screening scan, preferably before 14+0 weeks’ gestation.


Category 3: 

-From 15 weeks’ gestation


Category 4:

-Please call to discuss appropriate timing of referral
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Professor Bennett


Richard Brown

Denise Chan

Holly Lewis



Jenny Troy


Previous spontaneous preterm birth/late miscarriage or PPROM at 16- 34 weeks gestation


All excisional cervical treatment 

12 weeks
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Mr Nigel Simpson


Elizabeth Bonney




Liverpool Women's Hospital

Professor Alfirevic

Doctors: Devender Roberts

Andrew Sharp

Angharad Care

Borna Poljak

Laura Goodfellow


Previous spontaneous preterm birth/late miscarriage or PPROM at 16- 34 weeks gestation


2 or more LLETZ procedures


1 or more knife cone 

16 weeks


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